I help you heal naturally with food.

Is it time to transition to a Plant-Based diet?

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I help you heal naturally with food.

Is it time to transition to a Plant-Based diet? Let’s talk about how to make it easy for you.

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Brands That Trust Us

Art of Eating: Building A Strong & Resilient You Starts March 8th

A beginner's foundational three week course to ensure your transition is easy and healthy .

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Julie Ward

100% Plant-based Certified ACE Health Coach

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  • “You must continue doing what you do. People need your help and you are a Gift from God.”
    Robbie S.
  • Maribel H.
    “Definitely knowing how to cook tasty gluten-free meals, without dairy has changed my life. Before I would see a recipe and have to do it that way, now I know I can adjust it to my needs. A recipe is just a skeleton. I realized I am in control.”
    Maribel H.
  • Blanca P.
    “Before was just eating to eat. I was bored and tired of eating the same food. Gosh, I didn’t know how to eat. The program changed how Iook at gluten-free type foods. I don’t feel so deprived. I look forward to eating…maybe a little too much. I feel nourish. I feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. It feels attainable to maintain the lifestyle.”
    Blanca P.
  • Jodi S.
    “Over the past 8 weeks I feel so much better. Her help has been invaluable to me. I loved out conversations and learning about nutrition and how foods combine. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but it did. I lost weight. I sleep better. I now have information overload control.”
    Jodi S.
  • "Julie's approach to food is rooted in her dedication to the purity of nutrition. Her warmth, insight and creativity is why I recommend my patients to her when they are ready to make healthy lifestyle choices."
    Heather Sarah Older, MS, L.Ac.
  • Mike I.
    "I needed Julie’s expertise to break my addictions and change my mindset. Instead of being sentenced to a life where food is tasteless, and mundane, Julie showed me how to experiment, target my favorite tastes, and achieve them in a healthy way. So far, I’ve dropped more than 20 pounds. And I am so much more educated. Thank you Julie. For your patience. For your knowledge. For your encouragement. For your wizardry in the kitchen. For making eating healthy not just possible, but fun!"
    Mike I.
  • Denise F
    "Since I've started attending the program over one year ago, I have continued to buy mostly fresh food as opposed to frozen and processed food. I also cook more than eating out. The program allowed me to change my mindset about food. My approach is completely different now. I now know that healthy food can be flavorful, delicious and filling. Since I've changed my way of eating, I have lost weight. Also have more clarity and energy when I put living food in my body."
    Denise F