Julie Ward

Food Alchemist

Julie helps others transition to health using a new approach to food and "habit hacks" that help her clients overcome obstacles. As the founder of Fresh Food Alchemy, Julie's presentations focus on how foods can boost energy, joy and focus. After overcoming her own depression, mood and digestive issues using plant-based wisdom, she brings 25 years of first-hand experience to the table, helping health educators and clients understand that optimal health is possible, and healthy food can taste great!

Julie is a 100% plant-based certified ACE health coach with a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. She loves creating new ways to make "healthy'' tasty, fun and healing!

Helping clients find energy, joy & health"
Healthy is the new tasty!

Fresh Food Alchemy

Embrace a new plant-based lifestyle without compromising taste.

Leaving the Standard American Diet (SAD) behind, we help you find a healthier way of eating the supports the body and mind. Fresh Food Alchemy is here to guide you on your journey to vibrant health and feeling better. With our help, changing your diet and your food lifestyle can be done with ease and grace. You can find new ways to eat your favorite foods.

Fresh Food Alchemy is a plant-based lifestyle brand that delivers a healthier way of eating that supports the body and mind without compromising taste.

Our philosophy is simple - food should support, heal and feed the body. One of the most powerful steps you can take to improve your health, boost energy levels, and prevent chronic diseases is to move to a plant-based diet. Fresh Food Alchemy is here to guide you on your journey to vibrant health.

Our mission is to create healthy, happy, plant-based individuals and lifestyles. Alchemist are known to purify, mature, and perfect. As Fresh Food Alchemists, we help create and teach new ways to eat your favorite foods-one tasty, easy to make meal at a time!

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