So you’re interested in a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.

Smart, choice!

You know it can help in oh-so-many areas of your life.

It can provide way more energy.
You’re working from home, still running errands, and more busy than ever. Between work, exercising, social distancing lunch with friends, and other activities, you’re crash-in-bed exhausted by 5pm.

What’s needed is an Energy Boost!

The energy that comes from a whole food, plant-based lifestyle full of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and superfoods is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the manna of Life!

Before you know it, you’ll be alert during the day, and sleeping soundly all night long.

It can bolster up your immune system.
Being constantly busy can be very productive, but it can run you down. Before you know it, you have a sore throat, and a chill.

And with the state of the world unclear, boosting your immune system is one thing you can control.

A plant based way of eating strengthens the immune system instantly.

It is packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants like carotenoids and flavonoids that can help the body stay healthy.

It can improve your arthritis and joint pain.
Sitting OR running around all day can take a toll on your joints. They become inflamed and sore. The pain is so unbearable at times that it gets in the way of living fully.

Did you know there are organic anti-inflammatory foods?

Whole Food Plant Based meals high in nutrients can ease inflammation that results in Rheumatoid Arthritis pain.

It can get you dancing for your first Tik Tok video, or simply back to that 5 mile walk.

You’ll keep your joint pain at bay, and be thrilled to move around.

But you might be stuck figuring out how to “make it work”...making sure you get enough protein, and nutrients, making sure it tastes GOOD, and making sure you actually stick to it!

I felt the same way when I first made the shift to a plant-based lifestyle…

Eight years ago, I found myself 20 pounds overweight, plagued with ZERO energy and suffered from debilitating stress and anxiety.

My doctor kept telling me,

“Everything's fine.”

“This is normal for your age.”

“You’re in a normal range.”

Which really only poured fuel on my problems.

Because everything was NOT fine.

I was WAY too young to experience setbacks like low energy, migraines, and constant colds..

And my level of bloating and discomfort was so “beyond normal”, I was scared.

I knew a lot of these issues stemmed from what I was putting inside my body...

The hardest truth of it all...

Was knowing that NOBODY was going to make any changes for me.

These necessary lifestyle shifts were up to ME.

That's when I decided to seriously commit to a whole foods, plant-based diet, and choose to take control of my life.

Here’s the thing -
In a world where we feel like we have lost control, the one thing we can control is what we eat.

And after eight years of a nutritious plant-based lifestyle, I am now in the healthiest shape I’ve ever been - even as a 55-year-old. My pain joint has subsided, no more migraines or brian fog, and my weight is stable.

All of this and more is exactly what I want for you.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you too….

The Art of Eating: Building a Strong and Resilient You

The five week transformative training for all health-challenged women looking to transition to a plant-based diet.

This program is designed to help you heal naturally with food and provide the support necessary to make the transition long lasting, giving you energy to enjoy your life and live vibrantly.

Finding a rhythm that works for your transition to a plant-based diet can be challenging. To do it successfully, you must cultivate an inner awareness around how food affects you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

And getting assistance along the way...is a GOOD Thing!

That’s why I've designed this program with three modules that ensure you have a smooth transition and maintain your new plant-based lifestyle for years to come.

What You'll Learn

Get ready to experience 5 easy, fun filled weeks with great food!

These modules give you the mindset, values, and meal plans
to successfully transition to your plant-based lifestyle.

Here how it works:

Meet Your Teacher

Hey! I’m Julie… and I gave up meat over 30 years ago.

My digestion was a wreck. I suffered from constipation and weight gain, which led to depression.

I felt awful and was in a bad place.

One day, I had enough and finally decided to heal my gut with a plant-based lifestyle. And I want to help you too! I want you to know that optimal health is possible, healthy food can taste great, and you can live an energy-filled, pain-free life through a plant-based diet.

I’m a certified ACE health coach with a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition, and I’m also an herbalist and Shamanic practitioner. I stay current on all the latest research about food and herbs.

I’m here to help you heal naturally with food no matter what is going on in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I miss a class?
All classes will be recorded and you will be able to watch them at a later date.
2. What is the Refund policy?
There is an unconditional 48-hour money back guarantee after the start of the class, so you can be sure this class is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.
What if I need more support than just the classes, or want 1-1 support with Julie?
You have access to Julie via email outside of the classes. In addition, you can always book additional time with her at a discounted rate.
4. Will this really work for me?
While everyone is different, a plant based diet has been proven to prevent and reverse heart disease, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation that can lead to disease, lower the risk of cancer, and improve mental health.
5. How much time will I have to spend in the kitchen cooking?
The meals are designed to take between 15-30 minutes. There will be a prep day, where you will prep a few items reducing the time it takes to cook each meal.
6. How much additional money will I have to spend during this time?
The course only focuses on vegetables and fruits. You will spend money on new vegetables and maybe a few new spices. Most of the foods needed for this class you can find at your local grocery store.

What Students Are Saying:

Robbie S.

“You must continue doing what you do. People need your help and you are a Gift from God.”

Maribel H.

“Definitely knowing how to cook tasty gluten-free meals, without dairy has changed my life. Before I would see a recipe and have to do it that way, now I know I can adjust it to my needs. A recipe is just a skeleton. I realized I am in control.”

Blanca P.

“Before was just eating to eat. I was bored and tired of eating the same food. Gosh, I didn’t know how to eat. The program changed how Iook at gluten-free type foods. I don’t feel so deprived. I look forward to eating…maybe a little too much. I feel nourish. I feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. It feels attainable to maintain the lifestyle.”

Jodi S.

“Over the past 8 weeks I feel so much better. Her help has been invaluable to me. I loved out conversations and learning about nutrition and how foods combine. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but it did. I lost weight. I sleep better. I now have information overload control.”

Heather Sarah Older, MS, L.Ac.

"Julie's approach to food is rooted in her dedication to the purity of nutrition. Her warmth, insight and creativity is why I recommend my patients to her when they are ready to make healthy lifestyle choices."

Mike I.

"I needed Julie’s expertise to break my addictions and change my mindset. Instead of being sentenced to a life where food is tasteless, and mundane, Julie showed me how to experiment, target my favorite tastes, and achieve them in a healthy way. So far, I’ve dropped more than 20 pounds. And I am so much more educated. Thank you Julie. For your patience. For your knowledge. For your encouragement. For your wizardry in the kitchen. For making eating healthy not just possible, but fun!"

Denise F

"Since I've started attending the program over one year ago, I have continued to buy mostly fresh food as opposed to frozen and processed food. I also cook more than eating out. The program allowed me to change my mindset about food. My approach is completely different now. I now know that healthy food can be flavorful, delicious and filling. Since I've changed my way of eating, I have lost weight. Also have more clarity and energy when I put living food in my body."

You deserve to live a vibrant life.

Invest in your health and happiness today.

Class Starts March 8, 2021

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Change your diet to change your life.
As your diet evolves, so does your life.

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Payment Plan

Change your diet to change your life.
As your diet evolves, so does your life.

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